Very Hypnotic Soul Band is an Alt. R&B and Hip Hop group making original music in Charleston SC; Fronted by emcee Benjamin Starr's driving flow and lyricism and McKenzie Eddy's ethereal vocals; backed by Smith's atmospheric, groove-centric instrumentation; Feat. percussion and vocals from Quentin Ravenel and Jimmie C. on guitar.

Indeed, there is a spooky alchemy at work on the group’s debut EP. While very much soul-driven, as their name suggests, there’s also a slinky minimalism at work, with much of the grooves built around sparse guitar and Smith’s airy use of synthesizers and keys. It’s almost as if the group is tracing the pocket, a ghostly take on music that’s in keeping with natural touchstones like the Roots or Lauryn Hill, yet with an indistinct distance from them.
— Kyle Petersen, Charleston City Paper.